Until we know Self, we know No thing

Single Source. Our internal Self is this, Sun, Energy, Self Sustaining. Life Force. Regain this knowledge, this truth, to be inner directed and not outside directed. To not give our power, our authority to anything outside of our cultivated heart centered way of Being, that which connects us to Life, experiencing our evolving consciousness into that which SERVES all life. That which nourishes, that which harmonizes.

When we are out of connection with our soul, our heart self, our God source connection, feelings of fear, helplessness, not knowing, doubt are the symptoms. We actually live on the energy outside of us and this is not our true way of Being.

When we

reconnect, build, regain, fortify, our inner core connection through fostering virtues such as compassion, trustworthiness, harmlessness, peacefulness, honesty then more of that shows up for us. Building a structure, a foundation of awareness of our self we can begin to trust upon. This is our God relationship in growth within us. This relationship mentors to us our growth, it stretches us, our awareness and knowing of our Self. For until we know self, we know nothing. All is still in illusionary states, no matter what is seen, for it is with inner eyes we see truth beyond the realities. Veils not seen become removed in the natural process of the lower body cleansing bringing us into clarity and Single Source connection (energy not sourced outside of our God Connection) And this is cultivated through inner work clearing the mental and emotional bodies and accessing the higher mind.

Wherever there is weakness and doubt within us, this Mentor aspect will always show us our next area of focus for personal growth, even though we may have awareness of the higher planes or realities, truth is not seen until the foundation is clear, solid and pure. The mentor aspect within is well…takes us to deeper quandary of our self in real, now time ways and this is the challenge to look at our self – with love and non judgment in these areas of weaknesses, programs, lack of will or focus, pain bodies, limiting beliefs, past histories, childhood, parent relationships, and more so they may be healed, love, understood, balanced, or changing them, reframing, upgrading, bringing them into neutrality and bringing Self into more wholeness.

Just a piece of the journey of our growth, and this is ours to do, to KNOW SELF. to Love and honor Self. We are of the Sun. We are of God Source. Despite the outer world of chaos and falsehood, truth is being brought forth for ALL to continue this journey of awakening, rechoosing back to integrity, equality and more advanced ways of living that supports all life. We are in this together.

Tools needed are inner quiet time with self. Mediation. Compassion, feeling the feelings of pain and “witnessing” and letting them pass through our bodies and NOT identifying with them. This diffuses them, takes out the polarity and allows us to see beyond it for lesson, understanding and increases our spiritual growth. Loving Self, honoring self. Boundaries of personal allowances of behaviors that one will exhibit and one will allow in ones world.

Another step into our higher potentials. We are Light. We are One.


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