Upgrading and building relationships

if-you-carry-bricks-from-your-past-relationships-to-the-new-one-you-will-build-the-same-house-1Reflect. Heal. Witness. Upgrade. Love Self/elf. Accept. Align. Rebuild with organic materials of honesty, truth, understanding, compassion, intimacy, ability to forgive and be forgiven, to love and be loved without dependence, motivation, expectation. Selflessly live with honor, reverence and caring for preciousness of life.

Relationships are not just with “another”, they are with first, our own self, with God. We hold a relationship with EVERYTHING, a toaster, an animal, a person, an activity. Revisit all for purpose, for authentic interaction. Look for hidden motives and self serving emotions, there is where our healing areas are.

Fulfillment, wholeness, balance is that which comes from not seeking outside to fulfill us on the inside. All leads back to our heart, our connection to Soul, to God. As this relationship develops back into truth, organic sustenance, then all else is experience and purpose over need and desire and want.

Rebuild the house that Creator dwells within with the materials that can support it – pure love, integrity, trustworthiness, compassion, honor, peace, truth, awareness, honor, willingness…..


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