Vortex at Big Sur

At Phieffer Beach at Big Sur, California, last week on 4-24-14, I took a quick video, only to discover later the gift it held.  of Light and deeper awakening of the 3rd eye, the pineal. So far, it has been profound for myself.  You may or may not later attribute anything to it…yet it matters not.  This was the end to a culmination of divine journey to several locations for gridwork, self healing, witnessing, inner work and connecting with our planet, the elementals, guardians, a blessing unfolding.

The space was only known about two weeks prior and corresponding dates with activities were not known…..The wonder of the human following the inner calling can not be denied. We all are awakening and expanding into our Divine Selves! So, there was four of us who followed this path of calling and amongst us, we shared what we could not have believed had someone “told” us, yet we walked it and we KNOW in new ways the Divine in Us and the relentless unfoldment of Love Realty and leading to The Event is real beyond our conception.

We/ALL are SO loved. The path…from Mt Shasta,  a divine space of awakening within us the “Christos” and grid work with Gaia on 4-20.

Then to Moro Rock atop the canopy of the Sequoias where a baton of guardianship was handed from the Elemental Kingdom to Humanity – 4-22-Grand Cross = Earth Day.  From there we drove to a granite rock ledge over Big Sur mountains and waters participating in a Peace Ceremony and a blessing for humanity on 4-24.

 More to share as integration continues, listening to recordings and transcriptions continue Love be to each of you beloved ones.


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