Waking up New Everday

I AM waking up NEW everyday!  It is the wildest and amazing thing.  A major shift or connection has occurred unlike any other to date.  Viewing from these eyes and this consciousness, the knowing is vast, the focus more defined, and NO deterrents in the mind.  The chatter is gone.  When something comes to surface that did have a trigger…many, many, many times before, is suddenly….just not there.  Without this constant distraction, focus is felt is a very profound and real body kinda way.

I knew that energy is placed on those things in the head to keep them at bay, but now energy is free to combine and align strongly and firmly with intent.

A new day is dawning.  I am continuing to be expanded, amazed, and thrilled to have front row seats in my own consciousness to watch this unfoldment and then to look around and see how many are shifting, how the world is handling it.  Each in different places, but WE BE A SHIFTING!  We be go to places these bodies have never seen.  These hearts have longed for this awakening for eons and eons and eons.

Our souls sing our soul song and we rejoice for ourselves in our higher and inner aspects until we truly do merge with Spirit and know and feel for ourselves in every cell, every quantum aspect of of our expression that we ARE LIVING LIGHT and expressions of The One Creator manifesting as individual fragments, individual forms of Light poured into these tiny bodies.  Bodies and cellular structure this is evolving back into crystalline.

Know you are waking up NEW every day.  Changes, shifts, perceptions, viewpoints, understandings, beliefs, truths, energies, cells, thoughts, heart vision, …and more are constantly in motion and you are new…every moment.  But when you wake up, there is a convergence that happens in that instant.  A quick re-evaluation and alignment of all parts together in newness after the cycle of sleep, restoration and balancing.

Dear Ones, hold the vision.  Allow your fears to melt, to dissolve into loving energy and fall away as the illusions they are, as the teachers of lesson they are, as the loving guides to empower and help to integrate our being back into Oneness.

LOVE.  LOVE.  LOVE.  is always the underlying energy current, the Creator/Creative source energy of flow.  We are doing it!
Keep steady on your path of faith, intent, willingness and believability that we can and are doing it.  Moving into the era of Love and peace.

Blessings to each of you, my loving Family of Light.

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