Walking the Path of Personal Expansion

Walking the path of Personal Expansion.  Walking the path of  love.

Boy, lining up my words and actions is a moment by moment conscious effort. Be easy on yourself if this is your focus or current mission. As we move to becoming aligned in thought, word and action, we find our minds and bodies are just chock FULL of mistruths and contradictions. No wonder it is easy to be in fear, judgement, lack, doubt, pain, confusion, uncertainty, depressed and even angry. We are full of mixed messages. It takes time to sort out our mind and heart and align them in love.

As I pay more attention to the details and reflection of my being, there is always another alignment to perform. With all of the input of our lives – childhood, school, lessons, teachings, opinions, media, forceful and judgmental beliefs tossed into our mix of mind and heart intake, it serves me to take quiet time to reflect on what I truly believe in my heart and my soul. What I FEEL to be true…loving…knowing…for myself and for everyone else. When I do this it really helps me to choose inside and place that thought with conviction to override the unserving ones. And, it allows me to step more fully each day into what I believe and choose actions and words that support it.

Still, much to work on. It IS WORTH IT! The scales tips more each day to the side of being in more in love with myself and all people as we ARE one. Being understanding, compassionate, accepting, respectful, honoring, joyous, purposeful, loving and loveable are the fruits that we each enjoy as we choose to walk this path of personal expansion.

One step more to the side of love, everyday. Let’s keep walking the path of Love! LOVE!


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