Warring must cease

Everyone is a piece of us and we are part of everyone.

Hate not a thing or person. Understanding, forgiveness, compassion for self and “others” brings ALL to peace, to wholeness, to Unity.

11905399_10207766884038983_2562678104782212861_nPrayers for this, for self,  for all peoples are asked now.

Warring must cease.

Warring within. Warring without.

Effort with pure heart is needed from ALL everywhere to recognize the distortions upon mankind and to step out and into ones owns pure heart.

Courage, willingness, acceptance are inner virtue actions steps for seeing in New Light that which is ours, as a humanity, to regain our rights of being, of living free and not playing into the false agendas of global human gameplayers.

Step out of the game.

Go within.

Remember who we are as a family.  All.

Willingness to see. Willingness to know. Willingness to love.

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