We are not the body

We are not the body.

It is a vehicle to experience our world. Our soul self, Christed self and I AM presence is our truth. We are Light with multiple fields of light around us and ever growing as we experience the increase of vibration. Our fields of Light, contain our thoughts, emotions, experiences and come into form in our physical self and our external environment.

not the body
This is the place to nurture, to go within and find your Master Controls and Sacred Connection to the Divine. Unless this path is pursued and felt, one can only judge it, ponder it, criticize it, speculate, fear it, rationalize it, and none of that is this space. Connecting and becoming aware and aligning with the Higher aspects of us is the job to do. Seems like some continue to believe written words of man without truly walking the path within his own self, body, mind and being to find the greater truth of love, of God. Man has steered masses away from this path because of the ability to control others by fear.

Fear not the kingdom of heaven within, it is our source, power and authority of the Living God of All people, of all beings, of all life. And that is all there is. Love. God expressed as everything and everyone. It is our job to further educate our expression and expand ourselves into higher truths and capabilities. This is our path of growth, to deny it only brings more of the limits and illusions of lack and separation….we must work to be back into total integrity, acceptance and allowance of our self and others, this is walking the path of integrity, love and example.
The more we expand our consciousness the more we live in truth and not live in games of materialism, judgment, speculation, for the path of the Divine is clear. It is one of choices, human will and managing all energetic bodies.
Our vibration is our only judge – receive what you give. As the more we expand the more awareness of the truth of Gods realm returns to our vision…inner and outer,but deeper than that, a knowningness that is not up for any debate…it just is. This is the space we connect as One and then we move into grander paths of service to all.

A process yes, and worth the work, for as shared, one can not go backwards in consciousness once expansive awareness begins to take hold and our innate inner programs of moving back into Lighted awareness takes hold. We, the human will and mind, must surrender to the higher will of the Divine. Man must be willing to do this, otherwise he can sit in circles amongst himself and speculate and play with experiences but yet not be a part of it.

There are no shortcuts, books, videos, classes that teach you how to be that which you already are. All is only a reminder of our limited self and to go within….go within to the heart, meditate, find stillness, quiet, go in nature and breath. Be alone with your self and God to find a path of knowningness, voice, guidance, awareness. Nurture your feelings, your intuition, your inner nudgings. Breath into your heartspace. Feel the love that is there waiting for you. Express it. Share it.

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