We follow no one

We follow no one, the the One of all.

We are Sourcing from no one but Source.

Do not Outsource your Source. Give power to no one, no thing. Trickery abounds and as long as people still have “points of view” they are stuck in time and space of healing potentials, yet not flow and movement. Creator is constant change yet always on course with harmonious action in play – even though that may not appear that way in denser frequencies and cycles. Creator does not play games or tit for tat. Creator is expressed through us at only the level of vibration we can experience and filters and reflections of lessons and “past” experiences to heal. We know we know nothing and that is always the best place to humbly remain and Source from.

And to top that off, we each have a unique piece to bring without ever seeing the entirety of the Whole for it is to large for this realm. Need to know. Honoring each others path and speaking no harm, speaking only on the path at hand.

A great master teacher said, “speak when God wants to say something through thee, otherwise remain silent. ”

In our world, certainly work to do on our inner and outer selves and thus is the time for many upon the path of interactive ascension and planetary upgrade. Templates, different ways of expressing, lessons, templates, play out of old “wars” between people, groups, tribes, friends, opposing forces. The players themselves seeing themselves as separate and validating their own position. All is honored, yet all is still lesson and only gives to the work we must all do to release all and BE the the Divine in expression.

In no way do I know any thing or every thing. I know what I know. Experience, yet mine alone. Honoring “others” and all that is. To each is this path. Reaching levels of vibration and space we merge in our purpose, and as specific to ones purpose one may go deeper into group consciousness experience/unity/teams/initiatives and this space lends to ever greater self growth and expansion, service and well, more work. All is this, just rearrange, different words, context, experience. We are still so far from that which we are Sourced from! Magnificent omnipresent benevolent luminous beings.

It is non ending and upon this planet there is no place of just peace, bliss or love yet that can be ones experience. The terrain is vast and many levels of view. We each must simply…simply be what we are. Using our inner guidance, connection, heart to discern for self and leave the rest. We must honor all roles for all are VERY purposeful, until they aren’t.

I thank each of you for listening, for coming to this space. I am you. We are One expressed as the many.

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