We have a voice. We are not in fear anymore.

This is no longer true. We are becoming aware and empowered of that which is untrue, that which is distorted and that which is purposefully created to separate us on any level. We, humanity, our global family, not limited or defined by borders, religion, color, money, education or other, we are one family that is tuning into a call coming from within our collective heart.

1375314_705886892773964_1498333831_nWe are to live in freedom, sovereignty, equality, abundance, truth, love, respect, understanding, cooperation and cooperative living. We are speaking up. We are not doing what we are told to do without pure understanding of the purpose that respects all and if it does not, we are NOT doing it blindly anymore. We are showing grander love for ourselves and ALL beings. Man created rules no longer apply. We have a voice and power united as one global family as we act in peace and love. We are sending out new messages that we are NOT drones, we are NOT slaves, we are not in FEAR ANYMORE and can not be manipulated into serving any person, program, organization, group or government that does not honor all as Divine, equal, sovereign and as sacred. We do this in peaceful and respectful ways. All are aligning with this even though there is still violence, chaos and discord, like any high vibration all lower ones are vibrating up the scale of truth to eventually align with a pure loving vibration.

This is GOD science and law evidenced in our own human physics. And so it is. Rejoice in the unfoldment of Truth in Light as the Creator returns to our reality as we receive by expanding our hearts and consciousness to know this truth. Our job is to release the veils of fear, hate, anger and blame and do what we know to do, forgive, love and honor all by treating others as we desire to be treated.

Love be to all on this holy day.

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