Weekly Global Heartspace Connection – virtual time

Reminder that tonight and every Sunday at 10:00 pm CDT Globally we connect with purposeful heart intention for love, peace, wholeness, unity for all Life.

prayer dMany come to drink of this well of Creator love and it overflows with ALL of ALL that is! We acknowledge the perfection of that which already is. Love heals all. Love is all there is. The cup, the well, the chalice of Love of Creator overflows

“NOW time rules in effect – tune in anytime to this Sacred Space always held by our most precious higher selves and our Beloved Family of Light” Connect within Place your heart intention Receive and Radiate Love. Bask in the energies of Love.

KNOW all is in Divine order and perfection!

The power of many gathered in like intent amplifies many times the potency, power and purpose. When two or more are gathered….All paths of belief are honored. This is a spiritual, holy and sacred space for All. Every week purposeful heartspace is created with sacred intent for focusing on all people, animals, plants, Earth – ALL. Intention for purposeful attention of acknowledging wholeness, healing, guidance, of balance, of clarity and envisioning all held in the Golden White Light of Creator’s perfection.

Love be to all!

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