WESAK energies continue

Sharing a piece from a pre-WESAK message from our Family of Light.  Many are feeling the results of the effects of this energy and this may help to add to the understanding and perspective.   We must give ourselves, all, room and love to allow the changes that are occurring in our worlds.

“This Light for the WESAK activities, it is parallel with all of humanity and all beings at this point of awakening of compounding the energies catapultion energies to spark to explode, combust if you will,  for an instantafullmoonmtnneous awakening for all. What may happen in one moment may be realized by some, yet others may take some time to actionate and discern that something is vastly different.  They will not have a frame of reference for it. They will look around and see what they thought was one thing is now something else.   The sheer revelation will be overwhelming for many for it will be a different scenery from their inner vision, yet at the same time, the Light of their own heart expands and it will be the merging of the understanding of the heart aligning with the inner understanding of the brains interpretations of reframework of the input sensories to remodulate and  reconfigure the scenery input to determine a new output.  It will be a new cause and effect system for them.  For some it will grand revelation, for others will be discontented because they wont’  know how to operate their own being, yet they will move into a harmonic state at some point , a natural vibratory response, in can be no other way.

The human responses variable at all times, yet the vibratory line up inevitable at some point, so with the human will response greater awareness of the truth of love is that which is to be revealed, and with these new eyes and new perspectives once acclimated and owned and tried out and revealed and installed we say, then they will look upon the new landscape of earth and their way of being, their job, their tv, their family, their food and they will begin to see what they have not seen and there will be great questioning.  Some will be in great distress, they question markswill go why have I have not seen this?  Why is this in my cabinet?  Why is this in my garage?  Why is this in my house?  Why is this in my body?  Did I not see me choosing that?

So there will many conflicting awarenesses and emotions, because they will take responsibility,  they will want to know how, why, where and when.   Again this is where Lightworkers, those that are awakened, will now have roles reinstilled in new ways because others who are now awakening as they will be looking out side of themselves at first for answers to what has happened inside of themselves.

Again, be gentle, be compassionate, because it will be like speaking  a language for them without words.  They won’t know how this has happened and why is this diff and is there something wrocompassionng with them and now that they know better why would they do this.  And they are going to look outside because that is the first response for the human is to look outside but they will be looking and be redirected to look inside to their own heartspace and to connect to thy creator that within and to begin to listen to that quiet still voice and to feel the love that is there they will need to be taught to quiet the mind, quiet the chatter and to listen to the hmmmmm of Earth.  Listen to the hmmm of nature.  Listen and feel the perpetual flow of many energies but primarily the one of Christ consciousness and accepting love.

So,  you will have a upside down world and in the midst of these things, further info will come to enlightenment now, the info that has already been released and increasing levels of truth intensity that have been occurring over several years but with great influx most recently will continue and as that line of info increases, and humans wake up, they are going to know this info that before they had ignored or denied.”

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