WESAK Enlightenment of Buddha and Humanity

Energies are coming in with a powerful mighty wave. We are days ahead ofull moonf the third of an eclipse triad event on the full moon and WESAK, the celebration of Buddha birthday and day of Enlightenment. This period of time will mark our highest point yet of incoming Light, vibrations and uncodement for humanity to awaken from the path of lesson. This IS an extraordinary event in our history, in our hearts and in our reality. From this space we move up another level to see things from higher and higher perspectives. What has been tolerated, ignored, denied or not yet seen due to unconscious states of being is about to shift. It will ask us again to look deep past our fears and old ways of doing things. Change happens all the time, yet this is not just change of rearranging the old pieces around, these are changes for a newer, more benevolent way of living..within our own selves and as a humanity community on Earth.
Give the energies of this coming week and weekend to settle in for all and then witness and feel for yourself another level of peace, another level of change, another level of desire or diligence to accept only truth, harmony, peace or love. Some may get angered by what they have missed as our reality has been full of limits, programming of belittlement and oppression. From America as a “Corporation” and then us humans used as collateral for money trading at the Elite levels of Society that the society itself was created by a few at the helm while the rest of the world worked the paradigm created by them of job, insurance, judgment, comparison, limited education, sickness creation, unwellness, substandard food infused with chemicals and other “stuff” to stifle our minds, our free will, our hearts and our connection to our Divinity and our inherent freedom from within – the path that is coming forth to bring these truths to Light for ALL of humanity and for us to find our real power within us.
Vibrations of our own bodies and earth have been increasing for some time – this is science …all that is happening in the Grand and Sacred Science of the Divine and will validate SOME of mans science, but much will supersede it and man will expand into it. All of this brings us to realization and taking back our power and work on our connection of our Divinity to actualize a living experience based in love, fairness and truth. Hang on to your highest dreams, hope, faith, aspirations and beliefs. There is a Loving presence that is revealing itself in all things changing, rearranging and metamorphasizing all unfair acts, beliefs and conditions back to a place where we can raise our own selves up into acts of love and peace.

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