Where there is Creator…

Where there is Creator energy, there is peace, union and order. Where there is Darkness, is discord, disharmony and chaos. Many follow the masses in illusion unaware of the dark hiding behind the Light. We need no one to tell us of God, of worship, of order, of truth.

That is the Old system of the Old World Order attempting AGAIN to step up its agenda to fool most of the people ALL of the time when all the while, Creator is found by our own direct inner connection. In that place we ALL connect and can ever more see in increasing clarity, what is truth, what is sincerity, what is heart, what is love, what is purposeful and what is not, what is deception, what has an underlying motive and manipulation of fear, greed, control, emotional triggering.

We pray, we ASK for, we claim the truth of our God inherent state NOW. We claim, we stand in the power of the Light of God.

We are God. We are Sovereign. We are Free. We are Unity.

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