White Liguid Light snows upon Dallas on Christ-Mass

2012-12-25 14.46.43_Garland_Texas_USDear Hearts….as Dallas stands atop a huge Crystal Bed awaiting to awaken this area into the Light, we are Blessed with a message of White Snow, purity rains down upon us melding into Gaia the massive three day portal of energies for our New Earth. What a beautiful site for the eyes and knowningness of the love being share in this way.
We are the Light expanding.

We are the Light emerging from the darkness of illusion of separation. Embrace the Light of the Christ within the heart….the Christ Consciousness….within each being…no matter what belief system, this is not religion, it is a teaching and understanding of Love. Love is the Light. Love is the Creator, through living the way, being….of Christ Consciousness is loving, kind, pure, whole, giving, understanding, mercy, faith, trust, caring and treating all as One.
The Light emerges stronger every day from within. New understandings are emerging. A desire for peace for all increases in intensity and desire/ The White Light of our Creator pours forth upon this day for all to know the unconditional love of All That is.

Celebrate the Christ Within.  Love.  Love.  Love reigns.

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