Whoever controls the mind, controls the soul

Whoever controls the mind, controls the soul. Why it is vital to not believe any outside voices or forces until ones Core is built so discernment can be heart based, known with inner vision and assurity of truth. Starseeds and indigos are targets for manipulations from the beginning to deviate from that which is the very path required to develop spiritual maturity, build core self and KNOW truth without question, projection or outside questioning.

Steps of personal will and choice are instrumental on this path for our growth, alchemy and regaining our Sovereign authority over own bodies.
Being informed of ascension knowledge, language, context that we can speak upon, resonate with, know, converse and put into clarity is part of the reliberation and reeducation project for humanity currently underway for this long term project.

Take care in reading and discerning, nothing to fear. God IS intelligence light and never deceives or makes promises, or gives out wishes or puts one in the way of harm. This is imposter spirit. Trickery, deceit and illusion when one does not know and can not discern this yet by experience, by knowledge, then one

can easily become used for their abilities, their level of energy for siphoning and keeping one in reversals – doing things backwards, keeping one in fear, doubt and unsure of Self. In congruent, and in mind control of rational, convincing, worried of what others thinks, projecting beliefs onto others, etc.

This is COMMON on this planet and it is a field of great lies to be uncovered all with IMMENSE courage, fearlessness, due diligence to first heal, balance and reclaim the emotional and the mental bodies. Be loving with self. Be aware. Find your inner voice within and cultivate that first and foremost for that, your higher self(ves) will always grow you and bring you back into the Whole of Self and the whole of All.

Understanding Imposter Spirit and the Dark Forces and how all are misused IS the key to freedom and brings our ability to rechoose knowing the truth, the true terrain. Freedom and sovereignty is ours to reclaim during this cycle again, with courage, compassion, discipline, balance of bodies and connection to ones own Source connection.

This information and the Ascension Glossary being shared can be viewed as an invaluable tool for gaining more insight to that which has been hidden from all of us at this Intense Time of Cosmological cycles of consciousness growth. It brings context, history, understanding of cycles, and more for each ones consideration, remembrance, awakening, inner inquiry, stretching, growth…and will directly relate most Starseeds, Indigos and other Star beings awakening at this time. All with discernment of course. Take care and only take that which serves you in this moment.

From the ES Ascension Glossary and Newsletter:  ” Many unconscious human beings are totally unaware they are carrying dead energy, displaced entities, negative alien implants, unaware that they are soul disconnected and mind controlled to limit further consciousness expansion. In other terms, this is enslavement of the person without their consent. This is a form of possession and is the servitude or bondage to the imposter spirit. An imposter spirit can be Luciferian or Satanic spirits. This is how spiritual-energetic enslavement is manifested.”

Links for more on understanding fearlessly about the Imposter Spirit and for deeper navigation into the Ascension Glossary on Energetic Synthesis. com 


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