Will – Blue Ray of Creation with Mother ARC override

Our will aligned with Divine will is the key to receiving ever further expansion of Self. Heightenwilled focus upon this, the First Blue Ray is now for many upon a path of I AM presence unfoldment with Mother Arc 13th ray override.

Will away from Creator leads one ever deeper into the illusion and path of lesson and karma. Release, let go, surrender, to the Divine Voice of Love, of peace, harmony. It is a balance..of the tri fold flame, Will/power/courage/truth – Wisdom/illumination/creativity/mental mastery – Divine Love/compassion/adoration.

We ARE this is our truest Self. Choose and lift to your ever increasing highest vibration. It is a balance….not swayed in too much love or too much power…….discernment of this at this time is MOST important we say, for one can get caught in the love and think that is IT. and IT is not, there is more to balance ALL with great knowingness, reverence, right use of action, discernment, focus, discipline, self control, mastery of energy bodies of the mind and emotion …..our work continues……and the rewards, the natural unfoldment of peace, foresight, jubilation, wholeness, purpose, abundance, connectivity, etc…continues.

Creator Light pours in and amplifies…..reach and breath into it! Massive shifts, upgrades, expansions are happening NOW…….


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