Work beyond just thinking happy thoughts

Accountability. Responsibility. Power underutilized, not believed, out Sourced.

The capabilities of our self are never taught to the point of Truth, only that which is used to “steer us in the direction for outside control”.

13925315_10210454951358986_67643734364906303_nOne must seek within that which is the gateway to the Divine Nature of all that is and the path to greater awareness of Self, of Sacredness, of purpose and abilities.

Inner stillness. Self correction of action, thoughts, behaviors to that which brings increasing support to all life, of integrity, of solution, of finding common ground and equal rights.

Observe thoughts. See what may be a repetitive

“program” …something that is played over and over to create a reality or emotion that may not be true and only exists because the consciousness attention is focused there repeatedly.

Self discipline. Desire to know truth. Willingness to be wrong. Willingness to go beyond rigid beliefs to find the limitlessness path of consciousness never taught or fully disclosed to our world.

This is not just “thinking happy thoughts” for that is an illusion too….it is about consciously seeing, observing, questioning and sourcing them, and finding what is purposeful, what is truth, what are lies, what is control, what is not organic. The activity is ongoing to change the thought, beliefs and shift life, activities that coincide with those changes at a true heart level, true action.

Worth the time to invest in self to discover all sought outside is found first …within.



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