You are not your “job” identity.

The deeper question….look within. What ARE we here for? WHO is Self?

How can we be of help, of service, of conscious purpose to the whole of humanity?

What are the values, morals and fruits of ones living choices?

Labels fall away, status “make believe”.

All are living beings of equal value. Illusion defines it by means of separation, divide and conquer, debt, falsehoods.

Source defines us by reflection of Self knowing our highest potential as caring, loving expressions serving all equally. No one is judge, no one is more or less than another.

Honor of Self and all Life as precious, if taken “to heart” and returned to as core value would and will quickly elevate the living experience to bounty, well being, understanding, compassion, cooperation and expansion of knowledge, options, choices, potentials creating positive change and upgrades in every area of our world, environment, life, exchange.

Be not defined by anyone or anything. Reach for the way of being that enriches all. Love.

Look within.

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