You are right where you need to be

Our journeys vary, yet the experiences and lessons are the same. It is just how they show up for us to complete are karmic cycles are different. Each of us precious and sacred. Each of us coming to terms with long held thoughts and beliefs that support a limited way of living and being.

379533_337606502932027_249492615076750_1338992_1709644203_nNow, as we live in the most miraculous times of inner change, of heightened awareness of our true God origin, we are breaking the limits. Just alike a runner breaks a long held record, we are doing the same with our own inner quest to find the truth. Keep within your heart, your sacred space of connection to that which leads to the One Truth, of Love, of a Creators presence and connection that is lived through us in these bodies.

You are right where you need be. We each, a work in progress, yet we are upgrading our awareness and abilities to be more. Let nothing stop you for connecting to the Divine within, that which connects us all as one.

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