You as Brilliant Light

You are of brilliant Light.

It is the distortions of this Source Light that we are here to balance, heal, bring back into organic nature, alignment, order. Quite the task, challenge and work. It is why we are here, to find our way out of polarity through the heart, through the balance of the two into the third vibration, the trinity wave, which brings neutrality – zero point. This is NOT numbness or emotionless, although it may appear such sometimes for those not in awareness or those seeing it through polarized senses and lenses.


Within the Zero Point, the Trinity Wave, the opposites comes into balance, and within that state ALL emotions are held but not swinging out to one direction or another in polarity….like extreme anger or hate or all lovey dovey – each not containing the other in …balance.

Hence that which has been shared about the Love and Light Realm of Human Complacency and Distortion. This is the realm many are and have been lingering in…where there is illusion still, not recognized, channeling, loving everyone and ignoring the darkness, seeing only love as the way out…it is yet love is the way out, but it is a wholeness of that emotion, which is more than one frequency, one emotion, for love is truly ALL emotions just fractionated into smaller bites all that lead to unconditional love – a space not yet realized upon this plane.

You are brilliant. You are of Source.

The Diamond Sun Body returns to us bringing us to know ourSelves whole and as One. A process. The distortions, the places of lessons upon the path bring up extremes in each of our chakras, our expressions, our ever increasing rise into consciousness, to embody, to embrace, to own and change our chemistry, our blood, our bodies, our way of being and interacting with the environment, relationships, levels of consciousness.

You are vast and beyond that which has been taught in pieces and parts in all texts. The true texts and teachings for our path of ascension has not been here, yes some with pieces and yes that which brings false bells, whistles and experiences, yet still not the one that gives way to that which does heal, that which bring integrity, that which provides the truth of our being, of the true galactic human, that which is the Holy Grail, that which is Source known as Self. The heart knows this path…and it is reemerging to these planes, yet from within. Outside sources are still pieces…. No Gurus. Not the know-it-all intellect aspect, not titles or names… PHD or DD, not of astral teachings or distortions. There are SO many levels of distortions here that have been for such a long time, one cannot see truth or feel it because of the damage within our cells, our DNA and many implants within our bodies. It is through the heart though that is the path, through meditation, inner silence, through listening and feeling in the heart, not gut, that leads each into higher knowing and intuitiveness.

Look within. Find the place within that feels of love, compassion, understanding. Seek to ask in quiet space.

You may use this prayer as a guide.

Beloved Source of my Being, show me that which is to be known that leads me to know truth through you as me. Make it clear to me that which I am to know of my true self, of you of that of Eternal Living Light. Let me, with open heart and purity, find my way back to that which honors all, knows Self as whole and remembers the truth of All that Is. Let me be aligned with my highest purpose, in love, in truth, in purity. Let thy Will of that which Created me, to be known to me.This I ask with open heart. Thank you.

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