You had the power all along

Beloved Ones, Family of Light

You are so loved and so perfect.  Awareness unfolds for you every moment to experience your Divinity.  Your Divine Self.

4PhysicalEncasementThere is nothing that is mystical or psychic or gifted to only “some” as this is human error. All are of Divine Origin. All are of abilities of Creator Self.  Old paradigms fall away.  You are your own Guru.  No ONE is better to know there path than you.

You are expanding in heart frequency, in consciousness, in experience of “realities” and dimensions. Your bodies – energetic, nonphysical and physical.  This is a natural process.  Is is ascension.  It is human evolution.  With this process comes ever increasing awareness, sensitives, seeing, hearing, feeling, tuning into the realities one is merging into. A process.. Same, yet unique to each being.

Healing – we wish to speak upon this as many take credit for healing another.  Healing, which is a work created and spoken into the earthly realm for the experience needed until wholeness is restored as truth reality.  For Healing is bringing in repair, completion, perfection and wholeness within the paradigm of illusion. For in truth, all are perfect and whole.

No one heals another.  That is impossible.  It is ALWAYS the result, the effect of the Cause of the focused energy, the belief, the will of the Being desirous of “healing”.   A being, groups, hold intent, create and hold space of charged perfect light for a being to, with choice, conscious and soul level to bring a “healing” into place for self.  Yet it is not done to another, as they violates the human will process for specific management, role, responsibility of the law of energy, law of the circle, law of karma for the human experience.   When the one in “need” is ready to receive – allows, loves self enough, then “miracles” happen.  Each are of ownership and management of experience and vessel.

The appearance of healing is simply one putting their intent, their belief, their power into another yet receiving the effect of the cause the self creates.  It is a gift nonetheless, as many hold space, hold the illusion to one that they have more power than them selves.  One may be of more mastership of energy true, but if one sees that being as of help, then their belief and openness to receive for themselves the wholeness they desire, then they actually have received back to themselves energy that was “mirrored” for them.

Understand beautiful Ones of Creator Light, you each are powerful beings regaining your abilities, your understanding your remembrance1390657_616043911770257_2551805_n  of Truth, of the Law of One, of being a Divine One of Creator Source Energy.    All is perfect. Each role, reflection, expression of Light is honored.   A journey of enormous surrender and allowance of shifting of your old beliefs and untruths.  You have had the power all along.

No one is better than another, yet each being varies in service, roles, experience and honor.  It is a loving honored space, and not one of better than or increased in pay (LOL) yet the roles, the service is clear and each Named Path of purpose is honored and performance, deliverance of service is efficacious, pure, perfect and of joy.  There is no interference for all are loved, loving and living in joy of service. The reward for service, which is all of Creators creation and process unfolding, is more service.  All in love, expansion and choice of experience and expression, which are experienced simultaneously in higher spaces of Omniverse.

Multidimensional offers different experience of experience and movement within dimensions.  Omni – which is not part of the Earth experience or 12 Dimensionality project, experiences all as Once… beyond interpretation, analyzation or human comprehension, yet truth and of God Realms and other planes of Creator Kingdoms.

Human is in perfect Divine order and process of unfoldment.  All is happening as quickly as possible….without determent to the human vessel.  For the experience and realization is rooted in the physical shift as well as energetic consciousness and therefore the pace…is carefully monitored.  All are loved beyond words, language or measure. All are loved infinitely.

Love be to all and known by all in these holy sacred moments of now.
The One of All That Is.

All is You.

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