Your awakening can not be bought or sold

From the Creator Group consciousness melding with the high Hue-man!

Spirituality does not need to be “sold”, it is innate from within each of us. Filter all through your heart dear ones. We each are students and teachers changing roles in every moment. No One has the key except you within. Karma – is part of the earth experiment and the news is, the experiment is over as soon as one can conceive it and move into love.

auric colorsMastering the four lower bodies (emotional, mental, physical, etheric)  is our journey and connecting within to our expanded self. As this happens we move out of law of attraction (although the like attracts like remains) but we move into resonance of Being. This is a state where we don’t need to run the gambit to learn to manifest…we are already doing that at every moment., When we align with our higher aspects,  we give love and receive love fluidly. Karma was part of the path of lesson with the Earth Experiment. This is over...and it is shifting for each of us incrementally with increase awareness, understanding and adapting to our ever increasing energies, new DNA activations that effect how we view our world, our existence, how we relate to all things.

Love then is the centrifugal energy of cycling love in and out. Karma is no longer the path as lesson is balance, we expand our consciousness to move BACK to what we have always been, a being of Light. An innate sentient being, a reflection of the Light of Source Creator.

It is not about “wealth” or money or success as that is aggrandizemAbundance-3ent of the personality and money is one of the tools of the game of lesson, of control, of value, of having it”. You pretty much know as a whole that money does not bring happiness, peace of mind, health or anything else. Abundance and security of all that is needed is in the trust and faith of our connection and actionating our faith in our Creator.

All this is a personal journey, an awakening from the inside out. No one can “course you or certify” you into this, one becomes whole and aware of God Self and connection to all. And this process continues and increases and we move inward, not outward. Our will becomes that of Divine Will. Find your inner truths. The outside is for reflection, feedback, awareness, consideration, questioning, but that which is the highest truth, comes from within and is loving, whole and is not sold, taught, learned, etc. Pieces of this are part of the journey, but the actualization and transformation comes from within as it is innate and God Given, not man given. We ask each being to feel through these words, these truths and take in the energies that are bestowed within the words. For Dear Ones, we are all One and your journey as a limited human living in a constructed environment for the sole/soul purpose of lesson is over. Within that environment all was not the truth of the Creator, but the playing field for not knowing what it is like to be God connected with all the resources of all that one could imagine. Yet you as a humanity are vibrating up as a whole in quick fashion.

The illusion of control, of marketing, of being sold on something whether a gimmick, food, slogan, insurance, fear based news, stories, needs, safety, lack, have and have nots….all are not truth. As each of your consicousnesses expand, as your hearts open, as you test that which you would not have tested or questioned before, you will find that love is the healer, the food for your being and that abundance and wealth are overflowing. These are states of being and are not based in money, but based in love. When operating at the God Self level all is shared, given, created and enjoyed. No one being rules over another, we are self governing and it can be no other way, for connection is all that is known and all is One and treated as such. ONEhumanityAll has all. All is in Love. The appearance and illusion of separation is falling away. The inner vision, the heart openings are calling for love in action. The Creator’s call is coming from within to each, are you listening.

Simplify your life. Seek the kingdom within and all is yours. Blessed be to each at this grand time on the bring of mass awakening! We stand with each of you as you remember who you are. Holy. Sacred. Immortal. Love and Loved. Precious. Each and every ONE.

We are the Collective Guiding Councils of Light for the Earth Experiment and are of the Office of the Christ. We are You and Love you endlessly.

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