Your invitation to know your “I AM” presence

Dear Ones,

It is time to step out of your boxes, out of your heads and get into your hearts.  Move away from old paradigms and judgments of “playing it safe”.   Social structures and teachings  keep you small and limited in belief and focused on those things outside of your powerful internal source of creation, wisdom and understanding.

Within each of us is a connection that we can make at our own choosing.  It must be sought out, nurtured, listened to, and filtered within the love of the heart.  This is a space of consciousness.  A space of expansion  A space of science that allows us to create in ways without our physical bodies, without the need to do, to  read, to measure, get a book or get a degree in.  It is a space without the judgments, without the “gotta do this first” or “I am suppose to have this before I can do that”.

Dear Ones, this is what the Master and Beloved Son of God, Jesus, came to do for ALL people, not just a selected few, was to TEACH, SHARE and SHOW how to go within our bodies to a space BEYOND that and connect to this powerful space of loving wisdom, knowingness and power.  A space of consciousness that lifts the boundaries and rules  that are experienced on this plane totally ruled by limits in all ways.

This space of transformation is one of gentleness within your hearts Dear loving Ones, Dear humans.  Seek to go within.  Your Bible speaks of this, your Torah speaks of this, The Mayans speak of this, as many other cultures and it appears as ancient writings and glyphs on walls of sacred spaces around your world all……speak of this.

Why do you not act upon going within to find the love that is there?   Isn’t it the goal to live in harmony, in love, in happiness, in good health, in wealth of Spirit?   The time it takes to sit and be still and to connect with The Secret Place of Most High, is only minutes.  It is free. It is not limited to Yogis and Monks in caves and on top of mountains.  It does not take years anymore.  This is a new truth.

EACH OF YOU, amazing reflections of ONE GOD, ONE CREATOR, and you are given the keys to that space of knowingness, yet, you do not open the door.

Fear not the grandness of your being!!  Fear not the love that awaits you beyond anything you can feel from another person.  The love that streams through your heart, your inner sanctuary awaits you in this now moment.

Wake up Dear Humans!  You are living in an amazing time.  The world is shifting.  And it may look upside down, crazy and terms many use to bring fear of apocalypse, of catastrophic even, anti-Christ, or dark signs, or fear of rapture, or that someone greater than You will come and pick and choose among you , the worthy amongst the unworthy to separate the good from the bad.  This is NOT truth but the voice of fear and not of the Living God Within.

Dear Ones, Dear Ones, Dear Ones, Know that each of you are loved equally.  Much of what you as humans “think” you know with your brains and what “others” of ill intent have led you to believe, have rewritten your sacred texts and denied you much written words of truth, of love, of equality.  Truth of other worlds like yours, of others …further up the path of the Human evolution of Soul in body.  And because of this…you believe what humans say to you verbally from the place of fear and the limits of 3rd dimensional brain knowledge, instead of cultivating the inner voice that expands beyond this earthly plane, beyond your “thinking” and uplifts your connection to Higher Truths emanating from your beloved Creator.

If you go within, with purity of heart and listen, and practice this…you WILL hear, you WILL know and you WILL then see the Truth of Love, of God, coming into you in new ways.  Then, you will see that reflected in others around you…and others who know this love, the connection, the unity and a higher loving cooperative space of unity and fellowship and not one of fear, separation, of doubt, of arrogance and pointing you in the opposite direction.

We come in today “we”, your higher, more connected to The I AM Presence, more expanded loving selves.  “We”, Your Family, the “Ones you wonder where they go to when they “die” – this is a space where death does not occur.  It is a higher space of which YOU each, now as humans, have an opportunity to find the path to move into.  It IS within you.

We come to invite you to this space.  If you have not walked down this road, then know reading this it is for you specifically as you are grandly loved and you are not meant to stay in this dimension any longer…unless you choose.  Choosing love, choosing to have the faith and courage to go within your own self, in quiet time, to get past the chatter, the ego, the old patterns, and listen for a new voice…one that speaks of love.  One that speaks of wholeness.  One that speaks of your Divinity and perfection.  You are worthy!  You are grander than you mind can understand in this space, yet, step forward, you have the tools, the path, the key and no one need to tell you anything.  Do you hear that?  You can find the path on your own….yes, you can get help, assistance, validation on the outside of your being, but “We” say to you in this moment, you can safely, lovingly find this connection within your heart and when you do, it will speak to you in ways no one person or any body can.

Do you not see how this is your fail safe device? You will KNOW.  You will Know love when you feel it.  You will Know truth that connects all beings when you hear and feel it, you will know….and then you will see other beings around you who Know too…and then, only then, will you see, what you cannot see any other way.  It will release you from religion as you know it to be.  It will release you from judgment. It will release you from the limits you believed were true and will expand you beyond, amazingly beyond any words could possibly convey.  You WILL feel love of Self, love al All beings, of all things.

How could it not be any other way, dear humans?  God is not a God of judgment as so depicted in your texts obliterated by man.  God is not one who pics and chooses one over others.  You are on Earth as earth is a planet of lesson, choice, duality, opposites and limits.  This has been so by Grand Design, with more understanding that your human mind could discern in this moment, but we say to – bridge that gap of understanding.  Eenergies, loving streams of energy come to this planet in many ways, from the sun, from the cosmos, from your planet Earth herself, from many Guiding Ones, Lightworkers, Masters of Love and Light, now emerging in consciousness, in understanding and service to All to bring forth this awareness as this time.  Look for it.  Notice it.  You have humans, like you, who are awakening to their expanded evolving loving God aspects, the “I AM” presence.  No different than you, they are you emerging into higher vibrations, expansion of consciousness, and expansion of an open heart.  You can see the signs by the fruits of their works….love, kindness, openness, sharing, being the example…yes, you still may see some of the “humanness” but more importantly you see within them, the aspects of peace in stressful times for others, you can recognize the love of all instead of loving just a few, you will notice the knowingness of a higher path of order being walked to, instead of one based in fear, gossip, lack or limits.  They are walking a path to follow their heart, to be of service, to be Way Showers.  Ones that are of example of what is ahead for all of man-kind.

The vibration of your planet is changing…you are one of many planets, know this!  You are among billions and zillions of other living beings, planets and civilizations in many universes, in many galaxies.  You have not had contact with other “beings” in physical form, because it is not purposeful as you have sought such with spaceships, etc. (Not excluding individual encounters)  WE speak of mass, known encounter and connection in the physical that all would be aware of….but this time is approaching.  Fear not, but lovingly expect as we are you….just more expanded….  It is not what your fearful movies and books portray to create money, fear and a following.  We are based in love and that will be evident.    Now is the time that more is being opened up to you humans and your awareness of what is and can be.

Dear loving beings – we come to share these truths and awarenesses for you to discern in your own personal spaces – to contemplate, to feel, to move into your heart…and get out of your head.  With so much fear in your world, so much massive mis-information we come in with a Voice of Love to help awaken you to the path back into your heart, to your own path of consciousness that allows you to expand who you are into higher levels of living and foster in a path of living for all humans that allows you to know who you are, return you back to the power of love that is afforded you as you choose your way back to Divine Will of your One Creator of All that is.

No matter your belief system in this moment, “We” say, you are surrounded, every being, with Angels, with multitude of loving Lights, with the shroud of God….awaiting your awareness of such.  These energies, these awarenesses, these truths, only awaits your due diligence, self-honor and commitment and inner work to be revealed to you. You are denied nothing.  God loves you without measure and this is for you to know.  Your heart, The Secret Place of Most High, awaits you.  We, your loving Family of Light, await you in this space.

Love, love, love, to you upon this Holy Day!

“The One” – we call ourselves this in the moment as it represents the energies of All that IS, All Angels, All of Gods creations, All of your higher aspects, All souls, All love, all truths, all energies, all awarenesses, The One is a flavor of All That Is and is here to serve you and humanity into knowingness of your True God Presence.  The One is here to usher in the Golden Age of Christ Consciousness and open the hearts of the human to know the Love that IS. 

Blessings, Blessings, Blessings be to All.

Distribute freely.

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