Your truest Self unfolding

Another day of moving towards our truest self. We continue to unfold, like a blossom, each new petal emerging and in perfect harmony with all others. As this process happens, we are shown what does not add to this blossom. We can choose to keep these things, yet our blossom will still be perfect or we can choose to lighten the load, to simplify, to keep that of which is true. Let your Light shine.

Envision a pink light of love washing over you, elevating all aspects of you to higher and higher vibrations of love. Allow what appears to be less than to observed, honored and blessed. Use this pink light of love in the morning and evening to help clear your energetic bodies and bring you back to your normal state of a loving being. The True You is emerging more each day. There is no going back. Blessings.

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