Change Changes

Time to live as you believe in your heart. Change is coming quickly. Now is the moment to live, speak, walk, breath the knowing of all as love, as one, as wholeness. Practice. Walk as if you are connected to all things and all things are equal and of the One Source. Be the Light. Listen to your inner voice of love and support. Listen to your heart. Turn within. Go within.

Our worlds are changing and rearranging on the inside and the outside. The world may appear going nuts and in chaos, and it is….but only to rid itself of old unloving and inequitable paradigms. Truth, freedom and love are rising through the surface of these world actions as we hu-mans are ready to receive and be in wholeness and live in truth. Go within. Outside sources are great for insight, validation and feedback. The truth, the knowing, the love source is within. That is where we each can go to feel the security, the peace, the knowing, that all is well no matter what. Be the light. Hold your faith and trust in the higher powers that be for we are receiving what many have asked and prayed for. It is forming and transforming right before our eyes. Too close up and you may not see it.

Zoom out in your view and global understanding and see how the world and all of humanity, piece by piece or moving towards, claiming, changing, climbing, talking, living, for ways of peace, truth, community and love. Walk your belief of love of all things and people. This process helps to speed up the Master Grand Organized Design.

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